Here are some of the open-source projects I’ve created:

AutoGTD allows you to set up macros that will perform tasks in Outlook with a single keystroke such as archiving mail, setting reminders and adding tasks. It is written in AutoHotkey and compiled into a .exe. There is a portable version as well as an installable version. Click on the logo for more info.

PuTTY Keystroke Sender allows you to send keystrokes to multiple PuTTY windows simultaneously. It is written in AutoHotkey and compiled into a .exe. This is a portable-only application at the present time.

WordPress Updater is a linux server tool to find and fully update all the WordPress sites installed on the server. Setting this to run via crontab every night will help keep your server secure from WordPress exploits which are regularly needing to be updated.

LockScreen is a utility that allows you to lock your computer with a hotkey. It can automatically enable your default screen saver or shut off your monitors. When you’re ready to unlock, you can press (or press and hold) a hotkey to unlock it. You can even update the hotkeys in a configuration file.

 Unmute Dock is a utility that mutes your volume whenever you undock or disconnect your laptop. How many times have you undocked your laptop while you had Spotify playing in the background only to have it reveal your musical preferences to your coworkers? No more. With Unmute Dock, your speakers will automatically mute and your music pause when you undock.

Launchy CTRL+CTRL is a small application that allows you to open the Launchy search box by double-tapping the CTRL key, similar to how Google Desktop Search worked.