Undock Mute

Undock MuteUndock Mute is a free utility that will detect when you undock a laptop computer and automatically mute the master volume.  This avoids the embarrassing situation where you undock and your music player is playing your music and you have to open your laptop and press the mute button.  When you re-dock, it will unmute your volume automatically.

This will also work if you just remove one or more monitors.  It also stops any standalone music players (not web-based players like Pandora).

Download-to-hdClick here to Download Undock Mute v1.0 Portable

Included with this download is the original source code, so you can tweak/compile it for yourself with AutoHotkey.

28 Sept, 2012
Version 1.0 released

Features requested:

  • Configurable number of seconds to check for undock
  • Add additional triggers when undock