WordPress Updater

WordPress command-line-based nightly updater for bash.


WordPress Updater is a simple script to update all the WordPress sites installed on the server. It is able to dynamically discover them and update them in four ways:

  1. Upgrade WordPress software itself
  2. Upgrade the WordPress database version
  3. Upgrade any installed Plugins
  4. Upgrade any installed Themes

Doing this every night will help keep your server secure from WordPress exploits which are regularly needing to be updated.


download Click here to Download WordPress Updater v1.0


Just clone or unzip these scripts somewhere on your server and set up a cron job to call them each night.

Example crontab entry:

0 1 * * * /path/to/wp-update-all.sh 2>&1 >/dev/null


This will need to either be run as root or as a user which has access to modify the files within each WordPress directory.


There are a few variables which you can configure at the top of the wp-update-all.sh script:


You should point this to the directory which holds your WordPress installation directories. It will search recursively from this directory.


This is the directory where you want the script to write the success/error log files to.


This is the time zone which you want the log files to display. See full list here.