LockScreenLockScreen is a free utility to let you press a hotkey to lock your computer without needing to enter your password when you return.  Instead, you can hold down a hotkey for a second to unlock control.

When locked, no keyboard input is accepted, except the hotkey combination, which can be changed via a LockScreen.ini file.  You can optionally display your default screensaver, or press a key to turn off your monitor(s).

The default hotkeys are CTRL+6 to activate and F10 (held down for 1 second) to deactivate.

Included with the LockScreen.exe is the source code in case you want to customize it.  LockScreen is written in the AutoHotkey language.

It is recommended that you change the hotkeys from the defaults.  The syntax for hotkey modifiers are as follows:
!  ALT
+ Shift
# Win

Click here to Download LockScreen v1.4 Portable.


8 Jan, 2015
Version 1.4 released
– Added a feature that if your UnlockDuration variable is set to 0, the LockHotkeyEnd will disable lock screen instantly.

28 Sep, 2012
Version 1.3 released
– Fixed a problem that reduced functionality the 2nd time it was locked
– Fixed detects monitors each time you unlock in case they changed while locked

28 Sept, 2012
Version 1.2 released
– Removed requirement for LockScreen.ini.bak in the source code
– Fixed the “Locked” text was created multiple times

27 Sept, 2012
Version 1.1 released
– Fixed multiple monitor support
– Added option in LockScreen.ini to set unlock duration (default: 1 second)

26 Sept, 2012
Version 1.0 released

Features Requested:

  • Offer an installable version
  • Easy way to auto-start